The Westie Vest is a stylish merino kids and baby vest

The Westie Vest

You asked for it so we delivered. The Westie vest is as legit as it gets. 100% brushed merino fleece at 265gsm

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Kids and Baby Merino Clothes

Hands down, merino is the best fabric for little monsters to wear. Forget everything you’ve come to know about traditional wool and get ready to have your world rocked by Little Flock. We’re different. Using the world’s best fabric to produce a line of clothing that is on-trend, stylish and chic. The kind of clothes you’d want to wear, but ours are made from 100% merino baby clothes in New Zealand. Honest. Little Flock of Horrors is not about rainbows, unicorns, giggling kids or newborns sleeping on sheepskin rugs. Kids will be kids, and we embrace it.

Toddler tantrums, mischievous mugshots, epic meltdowns or monster mash dance parties, our fabric is 100% honest, and so is our brand. When people say that being a parent is the hardest job in the world, they’re not kidding. Little Flock of Horrors is inspired by our two monsters, Iggy and Frankie, and the parenting journey we continue to travel on while holding their sticky hands. –Lucy

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The struggle is real.

We set out a number of years ago to take a baby merino clothing brand to the USA and World. You see, Lucy and I are product people we LOVE making products for people to get real-world use out of and when we saw that nobody made merino wool baby clothes and merino kids clothes that had ANY style we decided it was our time to step up and create functional, beautiful product for people like you and me. Let me back up a minute. After some years of working in the snowboard world Lucy and I decided it was time for a change. That change meant moving to an insanely wonderful place and starting a family. All of the challenges that we had with Iggy and febrile conversions are well documented, but the points that I want to highlight here are entirely around how much Lucy and I wanted to make wool baby clothes from the ultimate wool fabric ever discovered, merino.

A Jaunt Overseas

In 2011 we decided that we would take a group of baby brands to America and create a New Zealand Pavilion at the ABC tradeshow, which at that time was at the beginning of taking a two year break from Vegas and posting up in Kentucky (yeah, I know). Lucy and I had just created two humans which at the time were 2 years and 6 months old. Regardless, we were determined to make this tradeshow happen and to show a few clients the US market place and all the potential that New Zealand brands had there. Everything was looking good. We had a modern cloth diaper brand, homemade baby food tray, crib and bassinet company, funky amazing Scandinavian canvas swing brand, and a merino baby clothes brand that backed out at the LAST MINUTE. It just did not feel right going to the USA with all these amazing kiwi products, but not have any of the most amazing wool baby clothes. I mean, Icebreaker merino was already selling truckloads of merino in the USA, but there was no cool merino kids clothing. So, we decided that the time was right for us to put our love-for-product-hat back on and Little Flock of Horrors was born. –Fran

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Merino Baby and Kids Vest For Stylish Kids | The Westie

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