The Westie Vest

A Radical Little Merino Baby and Kids Vest

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Westie Vest Merino Kids and Baby Vest Style Features

Lucy definitely said it best when she described this merino baby and kids vest as:
A relaxed fitting sweatshirt vest with cool contrast pockets, dipped hem and turned up sleeves. Uber chic yet substantial, it’s one to layer now and wear as a tank later.

Not only is the styling of this kids vest second to none but the little details and features are worth celebrating and pointing out. That is why we are taking the time to spotlight this radicool little merino baby and kids vest.

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Lucy has expertly designed the arm opening for full function and full fashion cool-factor. The edges are single tacked to be open, giving you the flexibility to either keep the look as open or clip the thread fold it down.

The Westie Vest pocket is lined with 185gsm super-fine merino jersey knit. The color of the merino pocket adds pop and flavour to the style whilst providing a cozy little spot for your monsters hands. Kids LOVE pockets.

The Westie merino baby and kids vest

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The faux-collar on the vest is a chic feature. It makes the merino vest look correct whether your little buddy is wearing a full decked out outfit or just marching up and down the driveway with no pants on.

There is no better feeling for a little monster than being in your mothers embrace, unless that feeling is brushed merino fleece. All jokes aside, the merino brushed fleece that Lucy used on this piece is snuggly soft.

History of the Westie Vest Merino Kids and Baby Vest

The concept of making a merino vest came from it being one of the most asked for pieces. With so many cool merino clothing ideas coming out of Little Flock of Horrors HQ it can be hard to narrow down what is next. We polled our network of mother, fathers and grandparents to ask them what they thought we should make next. So many good ideas, but one that rose to the top was the merino vest.

So Lucy got to work having locally knitted merino fleece made, trialed and tested, patterns cut, first samples made, wash tests done (over and over), and finally final samples were made for our retailers to see. The end result is this seasons Westie Vest, the most progressive merino baby and kids vest that has ever been made.

A Few More Features of the Westie Merino Baby and Kids Vest

Merino Vest With Dipped Hem

Dipped hem for added back length

Thoughtfully tacked arm holes


265gsm brushed merino fleece

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