Little Flock of Horrors – merino for little monsters and the relationship with Fiji

About a week and a half ago a massive cyclone ripped through Fiji leaving mile after mile of destruction. Some areas were affected worse than others, but it appears that no one really got off damage-free. Although Fiji is still a three-hour flight from us here in New Zealand it is a place visited annually by lots of Kiwi tourists and adventure seekers. I have personally never been, but Lucy ends up over there quite often for business which brings me to the next part and the overriding point of this post.

What Does Fiji Have To Do With Kids Merino Clothes

Many of you may or may not know this, but Little Flock makes a good amount of clothing between two factories on the main island and has for around three years now. The trade relationship between New Zealand and Fiji is strong so doing business with Fiji is easy and it feels like a good way to support the developing Fijian economy. It was a particular help to us during the period of time when the New Zealand dollar became very strong against the US greenback and we needed to reassess the way that we built product.

Winston decimates parts of FijiAnyway, the cyclone has done a real number on Fiji. It appears that although the damage has been significant Little Flock and the product that we make in Fiji is safe and will still come out of the factory mostly on time. Our merino kids and baby clothes will still ship to Southern Hemisphere stores before any and all cancel dates. From a totally selfish point-of-view we are relieved to hear this news from our factory and on the other hand, we are glad that the factory still stands and that everyone who’s property took damage will have a job to go to so that they can begin to rebuild their lives.

The last we heard from our factory was that they will not have full power until the 11th of March, but they are running areas of the factory on generators. They also acknowledged that the people there still need to pick up the pieces, but that an important part of picking up the pieces is having the money to do so. Once you start to work with a developing nation like Fiji you get to see first hand how the dollars you spend with them make a real difference to how their community’s progress. So if you are wanting your baby merino clothes, kids merino clothing, or merino wool socks it might have to wait an extra week or two, but you will still get your orders on time. The Fijian people are very resilient! If you want to do more to help out then go and book a holiday to Fiji. The resorts look wonderful and are ready to rock and roll.

The Fijian people need your tourism dollars so go and do something for the both of you. There are a lot of travel deals on at the moment. Go to Fiji and spend some money. Little Flock of Horrors will continue to make high-quality merino kids clothes with the Fijians.

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