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Merino For Better Baby Sleep and Comfort

Babies Get Better Baby Sleep In Merino Having a young baby is one of life’s most memorable experiences. Getting your baby to sleep peacefully is what every parent wants. A well rested baby makes for a happy healthy baby. Every extra bit of sleep counts. Dressing...
How To Wash Merino Wool

How To Wash Merino Wool

How To Wash Merino Wool You have been scared about how to wash merino wool You have probably heard, been intimidated, and scared off from buying merino because it needs very special care. That does not surprise me one bit.  Most of the merino brands that I have seen...
Cyclone Winston Leaves Fiji Broken In Its Wake

Cyclone Winston Leaves Fiji Broken In Its Wake

Little Flock of Horrors – merino for little monsters and the relationship with Fiji About a week and a half ago a massive cyclone ripped through Fiji leaving mile after mile of destruction. Some areas were affected worse than others, but it appears that no one...

A Short History of Merino Wool and Where Merino Comes From

One of our interns recently started digging into the history of merino wool and where it came from originally and where it comes from today.  It is no secret that we are a little bit biased as to who makes the best merino, or rather, what country produces the best...

We are family.

We’re not a staged, sit together and have a lovely family photo kinda family.  We prefer to do it at the end of each seasonal photoshoot, when the kids are ropey and coming down from a sugar high and we’re in need of a glass of cold something. This is from...

Top 5 Best Kids Shows on Youtube

Top 5 Best Kids Shows on Youtube With the Internet being such a big part of so many household computers, tablets and smartphones we figured we would share a list of the best free online kids shows that have been keeping our little monsters entertained. It sounds crazy...

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