Why Little Flock of Horrors

When people say that being a parent is the hardest job in the world, they’re not kidding. We often say that our parenting journey hasn’t been all “dimples and baby giggles”. Instead, our two “monsters” (as we affectionately call them), have been running us ragged from the time they wake up, to the time they go to bed, but we wouldn’t trade our jobs as parents for world!

Little Flock of Horrors is inspired by our two monsters, Iggy and Frankie, and the parenting journey that we continue to travel on while holding their sticky hands.

What is Little Flock of Horrors

We make merino for little monsters, and our line is made up of fashion-inspired casualwear. All of our pieces are manufactured in New Zealand from 100% New Zealand merino.

You can view looks from our past and current line by clicking the links in the left-hand column. Check those out for a taste of our line past and present.

The collection we’ll be showing to retailers now (due for release in spring next year) is made up of drop-crotch pants, dipped hem tops, skinny leggings, kimono wrap tops, slouchie beanies and an assortment of other fashion pieces. We’re pretty sure that you’ll have similar styles in your wardrobe already. The only difference being that Little Flock of Horrors clothing is made of 100% New Zealand merino in New Zealand.

Honest is a word we really like to use when we talk about Little Flock of Horrors. When you take a look at our brand, you won’t find photos of kids giggling and cute photos of newborns sleeping on sheepskin rugs wearing floppy hats. You’ll see honest portrayals of kids doing what they do; they may be having tantrums, crying or going crazy, but just as our fabric is honest, we take an honest editorial-inspired approach to our brand./

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